Visoko – Flying High

In 2005 the Texas-based businessman and pyramid researcher Semir Osmanagic visited the Bosnian town of Visoko. He claimed that the hills surrounding the town could well be the oldest existing pyramids in the world. The hypothesis awoke the war-torn region from its slumber and inspired more than just the inhabitants of Visoko to some extremely creative flights of the imagination. Visoko-Flying High tells of euphoric plans for the future in a region of Europe where globalisation is only just starting to take effect. The newly discovered pyramids fulfil multiple functions: they act as a beacon of hope, a source of inspiration and as an important economic catalyst. The film’s visual language mirrors the manner in which the filmmakers and the protagonists of the story respond to the Bosnian pyramids: sometimes insecure, wobbly, and erratic, sometimes decisive, assertive and brave. The pyramids cast a spell over the valley and all those involved begin to draw their strength and inspiration from the mysterious hills that surround them.