The Recipe for a Good Connection


This is my recent work: a window installation inspired by my latest journey. It is an analogy between a voyage and a laboratory. Each is a playground for experiments where different formulas are being developed. The persons who are involved are the ones who decide how far and how crazy to go in creating a chemical reaction.

However, discovering the ways to get to this point often leads to confusion. We might not be able to decode simple clues just because they might be coming from some other side. That is because we mostly tend to think in sides. It’s right instead of left, down instead of up, inside instead of outside. Sometimes the sides and the clues are overlapped and layered. Or it’s the matter of our own shadow or mirror reflection that we are, or we are not, recognizing.

A hint: When you figure out the choreography of the movement, the grammar of the language will follow. From outside to inside and then clockwise. (During daylight saving time: make a 45°-turn towards past/future.) Take a turn in your direction.

If that doesn’t work, just ask Manu. The installation can be found, visited and played at Manu’s lab, ManuTeeFaktur, in Kreuzberg.


So the outputs go to

the projectors

and then it selects it from a central basis.

This is a system.

There is one hlhlhlkhl in each corner.

And then one in between.

That’s kind of the configuration of here.

Did you want more details than that?

I’m good.

I just asked a question.

That’s ok.

We’re doing system check now.

About the selection:

Each is jgjgkhgjhjbnbm in segments…

it can be a track, a passage,

or other things that happen..

They are all different from each other,

in terms of what’s going on in them.

Now for you: don’t get stuck in your seats.


there are many things happening around you,

so keep your eyes clear.

That’s why moving around should work out fine.


So actually



went wrong,


the projectors


turned off.

The only


for that is

something that I saw earlier.

It must be somebody’s cell phone that turned off..

turned off..

turned off..

So shall we tell everybody to turn off their cell phones?

No, I don’t think that’s gonna be necessary.

This is the first time it’s ever happened.

See, this is a LAB.



It looks like the whole system was just fine.

I was thinking that it is me…

because sometimes it is.


It’s her.

Ok. Let’s have a little demo…

… we start.

…I don’t mind testing..

… no, you’re blind…


is that a woman over there?..

Not mine. I work with different types..

It’s the first experience…

that exists?


What do you mean, first?

I didn’t see before… much.


Oh you mean a setup like this. Well let me tell you:

The part of this whole thing is that it’s



Jahflaksfhl safjnladknn

One is missing over here..

It’s off..

couldn’t do it..

they’re good.

Actually that’s a good one to test with.

We have a connection!

This is a much more utilitarian system.

The sources have been moving around.

They can travel.

Oh there..

there is connection..

It will need to warm up for about 30 seconds..

Ok, well give me the thing…

Thank you for your patience by the WAY.

We are trying.

Easier said than done.

It’s because everything is a format.

It’s a format.

We will start

the show


and see

what’s working…

It should be better.

Number one…


here we go…


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